Upcoming supply of frozen fruits and price change

Dear Valued Customers,

First of all, thank you very much again for your continuous supports!

We would like to share with you that there is an shortage for the fruits supply in Europe and also for year 2022 if everything will be still impacted by the COVID-19 & Delta Virus.

We strongly suggest our customers to contact us about the forecast for year 2022 as soon as possible to order to assist us having a stable and guaranteed stock for our customers.

Big % Increased Price of fruits in year 2022
-Wild European Blueberries

Shortage issue of fruits from Europe is happening since few days ago and we believe the prices will be going up in year 2022
-White Peaches
Remark: we have reserved 20 tons White Peach Puree in Europe but please contact us ASAP in order to guarantee the stock qty for year 2022 with the same price.

Suggestions about the flavour of forecast for year 2022 from A&O HK
-Italian Strawberries
-Pink Guava
-Italian Blonde Orange
-Italian Red Orange
-Italian Grape

Hope this info is helpful for you.

All the best
Aero Lee
Mobile: +852 6411-5011
Alpha & Omega Fruits Limited

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